12 birds for $800










 2020 Race Dates
November 5: Hwy 98 Jct AZ
125 Miles-Activation

November 12: Fortuna, AZ
141 Miles

November 19: Dateland, AZ
191 Miles

November 26: Eloy, AZ
305 Miles - Thanksgiving

December 12: Miami, AZ
350 Miles - Turkey Trot

through JUNE 15th

For best results, ship birds
on Monday/Tuesday

Send Birds to:
Ron Moden
Attn: Dehesa Valley Classic
6108 Dehesa Road
El Cajon, CA 92019

Send Payments to:
Ron Moden
Attn: Dehesa Valley Classic
6108 Dehesa Road
El Cajon, CA 92019

Dehesa Valley Classic 2020 Rules

1. Must be at least 18 years of age to enter.

2. Perch fee of $100.00 per bird or 6 birds for $500, 12 birds for $800. Perch fees must accompany birds.

3. Perch fees are non refundable. Advance payment of these perch fees will guarantee your reservations.

4. This year we are requiring a $100 "POT BUILDER" that will be due immediately after the 125 activation race. This $100 will be split equally and added to the Prizes of the Average speed and the 350 mile SUPER BIRD races.
This years entry fee is reduceed to $200 and will be due after the 200 mile race and prior to the 300 mile main event. If you plan to attend, you may pay the entry fee with cash or certified funds at the Marriott Hotel basketing the night before the race.

There are several OPTIONAL races being offered that will allow you to put little extra money on that special bird, increasing your chances to win.

5. Electronic payments using PAYPAL are available.

6. All races will be flown on a tough easterly course thru the mountains and down into the California and Arizona Desert. This is the same course as the San Diego Holiday Classic, Triple Crown Classic, Royal Cup and The California Classic.

7. The 300 mile race , "TURKEY TROTT", is the main event and will be flown on Thanksgiving Day weather permitting.

8. The final 350 mile Super bird race will be flown 2 weeks after the 300. Birds will be released with the other 4 OLR’S. You must fly the 300 mile race to be eligible for the Super bird. You can nominate your bird/birds after the 300 mile race for $125.00 per bird.

9. Average speed will be based on WINCOMPANION results from the 150, 200, and 300 mile races.

10. SPECIAL COLORED BIRD RACE-All birds that ARE NOT BB, BBSPL, BC, BCSPL, DC, DCSPL will be considered colored. Dehesa Valley Classic will make the final determination if a bird is to be considered “Colored”. You can nominate your bird an additional entry fee of $100.00 which will be due prior to the 300 mile main event. Prizes for this race will be paid out 4 places. 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%.

11. Capital prizes on the 300 mile main event will be paid on the first drop and then clocking order. Prizes will be paid out to 10% of birds going to the race. Ties will be given the same clocking # with winnings added together and split equally.

12. Dehesa Valley Classic will deduct 10% of all entries to cover expenses.

13. The loft is designed to hold 750 birds comfortably with good ventilation and expanded steel floors. Entries will close if that 750 bird mark is reached.

14. I will begin accepting birds FEBRUARY 15th thru MAY 31st with replacements until JUNE 15th.

15. All birds Vaccinated for PMV, POX, treated for Canker and internal/external parasites upon arrival. The 9th and 10th flights will be cut and pulled on all Birds.

16. No birds owned or bred by Dehesa Valley will be entered.

17. All birds belong to the Breeder, no buy backs or auctions.

18. W9 required from those Breeders winning $600.00 or more.

19. Birds must be retrieved within 14 days of the final race or become the property of the Dehesa Valley Classic race. $70.00 shipping per box for first 2 birds, $10.00 for each additional bird.

Perch Fees

$103.00 (6th Bird FREE)

Pot Builder

$103.00 each

Entry Fee

$206.00 each

Any Odd Color (AOC)

$103.00 each

Bronze Class

$103.00 each

Silver Class

$206.00 each

Gold Class

$309.00 each

Return Shipping

Return Shipping

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